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The Flevopark is a large green park in the Indische Buurt, with a playground, tennis courts, running trails, a swimming area, barbecue areas and several trails for running. It has the youth centre 'Jeugdland' and two cafes as well.



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 Indische Buurt Oost, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Flevopark and Nearby Attractions on Map

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De Gooyer

De Gooyer(1.7 km)
De Gooyer is the only windmill in the centre of Amsterdam, and the site of the popular microbrewery Brouwerij t' IJ.

Dutch Funeral Museum

Dutch Funeral Museum(1.8 km)
Tot Zover, the Dutch Funeral Museum, addresses the morbid theme of funerary culture in an interesting and practical way.


Dappermarkt(1.4 km)
The Dappermarkt is one of the busiest street markets in Amsterdam, selling various inexpensive products.


Frankendael(1.6 km)
Frankendael is a mansion built in 1733 in Watergraafsmeer.

Computer Museum

Computer Museum(0.5 km)
The Computer Museum at the University of Amsterdam explores the development of computing equipment and their impact on the world.

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