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The Städelsches Kunstinstitut und Städtische Galerie, better known as Städel, is an one of the most important art museums in Germany located on the Museumsufer. Founded in 1815 by banker Johann Friedrich Städel, its collection has grown over the years to comprise more than 3000 paintings, 600 sculptures, 4000 photographs, and 100,000 drawings and prints. The collection of paintings spans over 700 years from the early 14th century to the 21st century, through various movements such as Late Gothic , Renaissance, Baroque and Modern. Highlights include –

  • Late Middle Ages - Barnaba da Modena's Madonna and Child, and the Upper Rhine Master's Paradise Garden.
  • Renaissance - Bartolomeo Veneto's Ideal Female, Sandro Botticelli's Portrait of a Young Woman, Giovanni Bellini's Madonna and Child, John the Baptist and Saint Elizabeth, Raphael's Madonna with Child and St. John, Jan van Eyck's Lucca-Madonna, Hieronymus Bosch's Ecce Homo, Hans Holbein the Younger's Portrait of Simon George of Cornwall, and Lucas Cranach the Elder's Venus.
  • Baroque and Rococo - Giovanni Antonio Canal's Venice from the Riva degli Schiavoni, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo's The Saints of the Crotta Family, Nicolas Poussin's Thunderstorm Landscape with Pyramus and Thisbe, Antoine Watteau's The Embarkation to Kythera, Jan Vermeer's The Geographer, Rembrandt van Rijn's The Glare of Samson, and Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein's Goethe in the Campagna.
  • 19th century - Eugène Delacroix's Fantasia Arabe, Gustave Courbet's The Wave and View of Frankfurt am Main with the Old Bridge of Sachsenhausen, Claude Monet's The Breakfast, Édouard Manet's The Croquet, Edgar Degas's Orchestral Musician, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir's At the End of the Breakfast.
  • Modern – Max Ernst's Aquis Submersus, Franz Marc's Lying Dog in the Snow, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner's Varieté, and August Macke's Two Girls.

The collection of drawings and graphics includes Titian's study for Saint Sebastian of the high altar in SS. Nazaro e Celso in Brescia, Albrecht Dürer's drawing of the Nuernberger and Venetian as well as Melancholy, Rembrandt van Rijns's drawing of The Drunk, Eugène Delacroix's Sunset, and Jackson Pollock's Figure.

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 Schaumainkai 63, 60596 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

 +49 69 605098 ext. 0

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