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Main cemetery, where you can find several mausoleums, over 150 year old tombstones, as well as the final resting places of philosophers Arthur Schopenhauer and Theodor W. Adorno.



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 Hauptfriedhof, 60320 Frankfurt, Germany

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Main Tower

Main Tower(2.8 km)
The Main Tower is the 4th tallest building in Frankfurt, soaring to a height of 200 metres over 56 storeys.


Hauptwache(2.5 km)
Hauptwache, which translates to 'Main Guard', is the central plaza of Frankfurt that gets its name from the Baroque Hauptwache building in the middle.

Museum Judengasse

Museum Judengasse(2.7 km)
Museum Judengasse is part of the Jewish Museum.

Museum für Moderne Kunst

Museum für Moderne Kunst(2.7 km)
The Museum of Modern Art building was designed by Hans Hollein to resemble a boat, which is most notable when approaching it from the back (east).


Staufenmauer(2.5 km)
Remains of the old city wall (1138–1254) can be seen in the Fahrgasse and at the Liebfrauenkirche.


Grüneburgpark(1.9 km)
The Grüneburgpark is Frankfurt's largest public park, sprawling over 29 hectares in the Westend district.

Goethe Haus und Museum

Goethe Haus und Museum(2.8 km)
Birthplace of Germany's most famous author and poet.


Börse(2.4 km)
The Frankfurt stock exchange building is still in use.

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