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About Santa Maria Maggiore

 Via dei Tribunali, Napoli, Italy

Santa Maria Maggiore and Nearby Sights on Map

Museo Civico

The Municipal Museum in the Town Hall traces the history of the Republic of Amalfi in the Middle Ages when it was a maritime power, through documents, art, historical relics, coins, costumes and jewellery

Piazza Flavio Gioia

The Piazza Flavio Gioia has a statue of the mythical Flavio Gioia, an Amalfitan mariner who is credited by local legends to have improved the navigational compass for maritime use

Valle delle Ferriere

The Valle delle Ferriere is a nature reserve with unique flora in the mountains around Amalfi and Scala

Ruga Nova Mercatorum

Stretching from the Porta dell'Ospedale to the Salita dei Curiali, the Ruga Nova Mercatorum, also known as Via dei Mercanti, is a covered tunnel-like street that ends in a neighbourhood with gardens and churches

Museo della Carta

The Museo della Carta or Paper Mill Museum, housed in a 15th century mill, traces the history of paper production since its invention by Chinese minister Ts’ai Lun in 105 AD, with a focus on the small scale traditional paper mills that once flourished in Amalfi

Cappuccini Convento

The Cappuccini Convento is a 13th century monastery founded by Cistercian monks which was taken over by the Capuchin Friars in the 16th century

Via Maestra dei Villaggi

Torre dello Ziro

Torre dello Ziro is a 15th century watchtower on the mountains along the Amalfi coast, as part of the Castrum Scalelle fortress

Valle dei Mulini

The Valley of the Mills in the Lattari mountains has hiking trails through verdant forests, waterfalls, lemon trees, and streams

Fontana di sant'Andrea

The Baroque style Fontana di sant’Andrea or Fountain of St