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The Guinness Storehouse presents the story of how one of the world’s favourite beverages came to be, taking you through its history and the brewing processes involved in creating the ruby red stout beer. Ireland’s most famous export was once brewed here, but today the impressive 7-storey building shaped like a giant pint glass is the visitor centre.

There are 7 floors of interesting exhibits, starting from the inception of the brewery. Arthur Guinness leased the 4-acre brewery land in 1759 for a whopping 9000 years at £45 per annum, and it has since grown into the behemoth it is today. See how Irish barley is soaked in the germination vessel and then malted, milled to grist, and mashed with heated water from the Wicklow mountains to make wort. It is further processed with hops for bittering and flavor, and their traditional strain of yeast for fermentation. See the large holding vats and copper distilling pot as well as other artifacts that were once used in the brewery.

Sample some freshly brewed Guinness in the tasting room on the 1st floor, and learn how to pour the perfect pint at the Guinness Academy on the 4th floor.

Finally head up to the Gravity Bar for a free pint of Guinness, and gorgeous panoramic views over Dublin. You can also pick up souvenirs at the store.



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 St James's Gate, Dublin 8, Ireland

 +353 1 408 4800

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